Y.M.S. Consultancy Limited

Centre of Educational Excellence & National Curriculum

Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Dorest, Isle of Wight and London


YMS Consultancy Limited has 50 years of combined experience in education.


We offer the following services:


  1. Schools leadership support and development and School Improvement Plans (SIPs)
  2. Inspection of schools to the British Standards: Section 162A and Section 48 inspections for all faith schools
  3. Teachers' Continuing professional development (CPD)
  4. Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Mentoring Consultant (Assessment Route) via University of Cumbria
  5. Support for meeting the teaching standards and NQT (for PGCE trainees in schools)
  6. Inspections in the UK and abroad (especially UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia)
  7. Wide range of school inspection expertise/framworks
  8. Pre-registration and post-registration support for new schools in the UK and Middle East
  9. Access to mentoring and placements with practising head teachers with outstanding experiences
  10. Very long experience leading and inspecting variety of schools in the state and the independant sectors



YMS Consultancy Limited @ 2016 Registered Company in England & Wales - Company number: 08991504

Registered Office: C/O Islamiyah School Willow Street Blackburn UK BB15NQ, United Kingdom