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Y.M.S. Consultancy Limited

Centre of Educational Excellence & National Curriculum

Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Dorest, Isle of Wight and London


YMS Consultancy Limited provides high quality support and development for excellence in schools.


Samples comments of how the inspection authorities judge our consultants performance in inspecting schools:

  • “Good judgement on relationship with staff and pupils”
  • “Polite, sensitive, positive with staff and pupils”
  • “A good listener, but also thorough in pursuing lines of enquiry”
  • “Good lesson observations, other inspection activities and quality of EFs”
  • “Perceptive when observing lessons”
  • “Clear about strengths and weaknesses. EFs are concise and evaluative”
  • “Good contribution to team meetings and to notebook and report. A valuable team member”
  • “…offers sound reasons for his views, always backed up by clear evidence”
  • “…made an important contribution to all team meetings and throughout the inspection to the team’s findings and judgements”
  • “… He gives good quality feedback”
  • “... has good grade based on best fit approach to inspection criteria”
  • “… valuable team inspector who has a good knowledge and understanding of the independent school regulations and the BSI framework.”
  • “… reliable in his scrutiny of documents, observation of lessons, and follow-up of any matters needing further investigation.”
  • “ He seeks further discussion and advice with LI and TI when borderline compliance is evident. I trusted his inspection skills and judgements.”
  • “….gave clear reasons to support his judgements and findings in feedback”
  • “…gave recognition to good practice at the same time being clear about why a higher grade had not been given, where relevant”
  • "...took willing responsibility for a key aspect of the inspection (SMSC) and worked very efficiently throughout the day to establish the school's compliance."
  • "... he accurately rated the quality of this aspect and also contributed to the gathering of other evidence such as the quality of education"
  • "... he quickly established excellent working relationships with the school. His quiet, efficient manner was appreciated by the lead inspector and valued by the school"


YMS Consultancy Limited @ 2016 Registered Company in England & Wales - Company number: 08991504

Registered Office: C/O Islamiyah School Willow Street Blackburn UK BB15NQ, United Kingdom