Y.M.S. Consultancy Limited

Centre of Educational Excellence & National Curriculum

Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Dorest, Isle of Wight and London


YMS Consultancy Limited has access wide range of professional consultants in education.

The majority of our consultants are practising head teachers and/or school inspectors.


Advanced booking is required and if you have specific dates in mind we recommend booking our consultant as early as possible.


The daily charges for our consultants are

  • £300 per working day (9am to 3pm including one hour lunch break)
  • Return Flights/Trains/Taxis ticket to your school
  • Room in hotel if the distance more than 2 hours from the consultant
  • £600 per trip fixed additional cost for 2 travel days


If travelling to Arabic speaking countries:

The above costs need to be doubled to include an extra Arabic speaking bilingual educationalist to assist in translation, lesson observations and effective communication needs.



The cost of inspecting a small (max. of 150 pupils) primary school, which using Arabic as the main teaching medium up to 150 pupils):

2 x £300 school inspection days for 2 school days = £600

2 x £300 travel time for 2 days return journey = £600

2 x £300 translator = £600

2 x £300 travel days = £600


Total = £2400 (or $4000 US Dollars) excluding the hotel and travel costs below:

  • Return direct flights/taxis from airports to/from hotels/school (varies depending on dates)
  • Hotel room for 4 nights (1 day before, 1 day after and the 2 inspection nights)



  1. To maximise the benefits from the journey, we recommend taking extra school development days to design school improvement action plan and train the management and staff to execute it effectively. Each extra day is charged at extra £300 for each individual visiting.
  2. If the school has bigger size, add extra inspector for every extra 150 pupils








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